Autumn Scene

Photographed in October 2015.

There is a sense of tranquility  about this image that appeals to me.  It is beautiful in it’s simplicity and has a sense of calm that I find quite compelling.

This image is now part of my fine art print collection. Prints will be available beginning in early 2016.

Adrian Holmes

Portrait of a Showgirl

Portrait of a Showgirl.

Photographed in studio September 2015 in Toronto.

Lighting: One Profoto D1 head with a 20′ beauty dish (white) with a honeycomb grid placed above and slightly in front of the model.

A reflector was place just out of view below the model.

Camera: Sony A7R2 with a Zeiss 50mm Loxia lens. F10 1/125

RAW file processed with Capture One 8 and retouched using Photoshop CC.

Adrian Holmes




Hi all, here are some samples from a recent artistic nude shoot featuring art model Dorrie Mack. Theme was simple artistic portraits. In this shoot I tried to create simple portraits and  images that would perhaps stir the imagination a little. Being an art model Dorrie understood the direction I wanted to go with the shoot and delivered. She was such a pleasure to work with. Thank you Dorrie.

Lighting was all natural light with reflector. Camera was Canon 5D MK3. Lenses used were 24, 50 and 85mm primes and 70-200 mm gen 2. Raw files were processed using Capture One. Retouching was limited to dodging and burning and curves adjustments.

Click  here to view more  from this session. Gallery contains nudity. Must be 18 years of age or older to view the gallery.

Password: ahdorrie


Thank you.


Adrian Holmes

Living Wall Shoot

This image is from a recent session I’ve called the ” Living Wall”

The concept was to create a backdrop made entirely of real organic material and shoot a series of portraits in a studio setting. I brought my idea to Craig of DT Floral & Decor. Craig and his staff did an amazing job. The shoot involved 3 models, hair stylist, make up artist, 2 clothing designers, a wardrobe stylist and an assistant. It took place on location at DT Floral & Decor in their warehouse. This was a team effort.

This image features model and dancer Joy Kidston.


Camera, Canon 5D MK III, Canon 85mm lens, exposure F7.1 @ 1/125 sec ISO 100

Lighting consisted of a Profoto Beauty Dish (white) on a Profoto D1 flash head as the Key (main) light.  Fill light was a Profoto D1 head with umbrella. Fill light output was set at F4, placed above and slightly behind camera position. A silver reflector was used just out of sight beneath the model to add some light to the dress.

Raw image processing was done through Capture One. Photo editing in Photoshop CC. Retouching consisted of tonal adjustments using curves based dodging and burning and skin retouching using frequency separation.

Thanks to all the great people involved. It was a fun shoot.


Adrian Holmes

Recent Art Nude/Portrait Session

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Anoush Anou.

The theme for the shoot was artistic nudes/portraits. We had never met before and I was quite excited to work with her. I was thrilled to be on her list of photographers she contacted to work with while she was here in Toronto.

I had just come off a recent creative shoot with a whole team of amazing professionals and was looking forward to keeping things simple for this shoot.

The session was fantastic. Anoush understood what it was that I wanted from this shoot and delivered in her own inimitable style. Thank you Anoush !

The location was a 1950-60’s vintage abandoned home in Toronto.

My approach conceptually and technically was the same. Simplicity. For the photographers out there my gear consisted of a Canon 5D MK III, 24 mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses. All natural light with a reflector for some of the photos and a tripod. Simple.

The post/editing was equally simple, black and white conversion in Capture One, curves adjustment,  curves based dodging and burning in Photoshop. Simple. It took about an hour and a half to edit all of the images.

Some of these images will be added to my artistic nude collection for future exhibitions.

To see more from this shoot please visit the gallery at: click here for art nude session with Anoush    password : anoush

**This gallery contains nudity.

Adrian Holmes




An article was brought to my attention recently regarding a well know photographer’s work. Full disclosure, I admire this photographer immensely. I’m deliberately leaving names out in order to focus on the bigger picture. So to speak.

The article criticized this photographer’s work, insinuating that without Photoshop and her “team” to support her, that her work is ordinary & nothing special. Citing a recent celebrity shoot comparing retouched and unretouched photos.

Maybe I’m being naive here but what is the point of such criticism ? The person that made the comments wasn’t at those shoots, had no idea what conditions  the photographer had to deal with. This photographer made a name for herself long before Photoshop and who wouldn’t want to have an amazing team to support you. It’s almost as if the artist is being blamed for her own success.

I feel that constructive criticism is helpful and productive conversely destructive criticism is more revealing about the author, revealing flaws in their own work and more importantly their character.

The photographer that was the subject of this criticism is arguably one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. She has captured some of the most iconic images of our time. In this article she is being blamed for using the tools at her disposal that she earned after decades of hard work.

Those of us that feel we need to “judge” and tear others down are probably not happy with what they see in the mirror.


Adrian Holmes


New site

I’m happy to announce my new site is almost ready to be launched. Special thanks to Erich Nolan Bertussi at PRUUPH Marketing.

Adrian Holmes


Launch post coming soon

We are almost done completing the site.

Adrian is working on his welcome blog post and this will be published in may 2015.

Come back soon..