Living Wall Shoot

This image is from a recent session I’ve called the ” Living Wall”

The concept was to create a backdrop made entirely of real organic material and shoot a series of portraits in a studio setting. I brought my idea to Craig of DT Floral & Decor. Craig and his staff did an amazing job. The shoot involved 3 models, hair stylist, make up artist, 2 clothing designers, a wardrobe stylist and an assistant. It took place on location at DT Floral & Decor in their warehouse. This was a team effort.

This image features model and dancer Joy Kidston.


Camera, Canon 5D MK III, Canon 85mm lens, exposure F7.1 @ 1/125 sec ISO 100

Lighting consisted of a Profoto Beauty Dish (white) on a Profoto D1 flash head as the Key (main) light.  Fill light was a Profoto D1 head with umbrella. Fill light output was set at F4, placed above and slightly behind camera position. A silver reflector was used just out of sight beneath the model to add some light to the dress.

Raw image processing was done through Capture One. Photo editing in Photoshop CC. Retouching consisted of tonal adjustments using curves based dodging and burning and skin retouching using frequency separation.

Thanks to all the great people involved. It was a fun shoot.


Adrian Holmes

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