Recent Art Nude/Portrait Session

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Anoush Anou.

The theme for the shoot was artistic nudes/portraits. We had never met before and I was quite excited to work with her. I was thrilled to be on her list of photographers she contacted to work with while she was here in Toronto.

I had just come off a recent creative shoot with a whole team of amazing professionals and was looking forward to keeping things simple for this shoot.

The session was fantastic. Anoush understood what it was that I wanted from this shoot and delivered in her own inimitable style. Thank you Anoush !

The location was a 1950-60’s vintage abandoned home in Toronto.

My approach conceptually and technically was the same. Simplicity. For the photographers out there my gear consisted of a Canon 5D MK III, 24 mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses. All natural light with a reflector for some of the photos and a tripod. Simple.

The post/editing was equally simple, black and white conversion in Capture One, curves adjustment,  curves based dodging and burning in Photoshop. Simple. It took about an hour and a half to edit all of the images.

Some of these images will be added to my artistic nude collection for future exhibitions.

To see more from this shoot please visit the gallery at: click here for art nude session with Anoush    password : anoush

**This gallery contains nudity.

Adrian Holmes



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