An article was brought to my attention recently regarding a well know photographer’s work. Full disclosure, I admire this photographer immensely. I’m deliberately leaving names out in order to focus on the bigger picture. So to speak.

The article criticized this photographer’s work, insinuating that without Photoshop and her “team” to support her, that her work is ordinary & nothing special. Citing a recent celebrity shoot comparing retouched and unretouched photos.

Maybe I’m being naive here but what is the point of such criticism ? The person that made the comments wasn’t at those shoots, had no idea what conditions  the photographer had to deal with. This photographer made a name for herself long before Photoshop and who wouldn’t want to have an amazing team to support you. It’s almost as if the artist is being blamed for her own success.

I feel that constructive criticism is helpful and productive conversely destructive criticism is more revealing about the author, revealing flaws in their own work and more importantly their character.

The photographer that was the subject of this criticism is arguably one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. She has captured some of the most iconic images of our time. In this article she is being blamed for using the tools at her disposal that she earned after decades of hard work.

Those of us that feel we need to “judge” and tear others down are probably not happy with what they see in the mirror.


Adrian Holmes


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